There are so many great areas of Dallas TX to explore. As you make your way around such a large city, you’re going to run into all kinds of restaurant choices, too. How do you know what’s good? Well, you’re about to get four picks that you can count on to serve up some of the best food. These four Dallas TX restaurants are known by locals to be some of the best places to stop and enjoy a meal in D-Town.

Texas is known for its pecans, and perhaps that is your first hint that Pecan Lodge might be a great restaurant to try. Pecan Lodge is located on Main Street, too, which is another hint. This downtown Dallas dining establishment is quite impressive, and there is enough beef ribs, banana pudding, collard greens and brisket to go around. Yes, you are talking about Texas barbecue and comfort food, a great combination. If you ask Texans, barbecue IS comfort food.

Why don’t we just look at another great barbecue joint. You want your fill of Texas barbecue, and there are dozens of restaurants that serve up that type of cuisine in Dallas. You could use the name of another top barbeuce place, and one of them is Lockhart Smokehouse. Located at 400 West Davis Street, Lochart Smokehouse is known for its delicious smoked meat, as you can imagine. Expect fabulous barbeuce, and you can definitely score when you order up ribs and brisket.

What about a place called Truck Yard? What can you expect there? Its location is 5624 Sears Street. You should expect a fun atmosphere, and reviews say that it’s a great choice for date night. They also mention a popular dessert shop is located just across the street, Steel City Pops. There are different food trucks there, and that’s why they call it the Truck Yard. For sure, it’s a really great place to hang out andn grab a bite to eat with your date, friends or family.

The Woolworth is your 4th recommendation. Its location is 1520 Elm Street, and have you ever tried a grilled pound cake? That and much more await you as you make your way to Woolworth. Barbecue and tons more await you as you make your way to the other three picks. How do these Dallas restaurants stack up in comparison with what you expected to find when looking for great places to eat?